Texas Champs 2019 Qualifier Track

Deep in the Heart of Texas Track 3D view

Qualifying Track

The qualifier track "Deep in the hearth of Texas" will be hosted by Texas MultiGP chapters in preparation for the Texas Champs Finals. Each chapter can host max. 2 qualifying events. Pilots are allowed to qualify as many times as they desire.

Materials required

7 MultiGP style 5x5ft gates
5 MultiGP style 12ft flags
1 Double Gate Tower 5x5ft
Timing system


Tape measure (2 is quicker) - measuring wheel rollers are discouraged on uneven terrain
Marking dots

Building area

150 x 150 ft + margins

Race format

Heats last 2 minutes, finish your lap on the "ding". Score is total time of the fastest 3 consecutive laps within one heat. You can run as many heats during the qualifying event as the organizer allows. Spotters are optional, per chapter organizer preference. Pilots contending for the Texas Top Ten are required to capture their best score on DVR; PM your Youtube link to TXC limon. When you crash out, either complete the lap or leave your quad in the field - do not short cut to the start gate (it will register wrong lap times). The chapter organizer will submit the event scores to TXC. 

Training in Sim

Deep in the heart of Texas track is now an official track available in Velocidrone:
Empty Scene Day, "Official Track: Texas Champs 2019 Qualifier".
Sim to get your lines, and see how you stack up on the Velocidrone (worldwide!) leaderboard


Track layout

Elements must be flown in sequential order (1-14) from directions shown in graph. Flag lines extend to universe. VTX RF timer is installed at Gate 1. Take off from "horizontal launch pads" on "Start". Time starts with passing start gate.

track 2d overview

Pilot area and Safety

Always follow MultiGP safety guidelines. Given just the track lines, one of two
pilot areas is recommended. Consider using netting if race director or pilots are
positioned close to the track.


Double gate variations

To make building easier, these realizations of
the double gate are allowed.

double gate allowed variations


Step 1/2

Start with measuring out the rectangle. Validate using the diagonal control lines.
Distances (in feet) to gates and flags are defined from black dots in graph.

Deep in the Heart of Texas Track First Step

Step 2/2

Measure flags, gates and launch point from the corner points to complete the track.

Deep in the Heart of Texas Track Second Step